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Money For Clunkers makes it easy to sell your car online for fast cash. If you have any questions, feel free to read through our frequently asked questions, or get your answers and quote in one easy phone call.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We simply need to make sure you’re the legal owner of the vehicle. In many instances we can buy junk cars without a title. Paperwork needed to sell your car is dependent on where you live. Some states have title laws and regulations that are more strict.

Please reach out at (660) 209 – 0817 with any questions!

We will give you cash for your vehicle in any condition! It does not matter if your car has rust, has mechanical/electrical problems, or won’t run! We’ll pay you cash, and handle all of the towing details for the pick-up!
Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to purchase these kinds of vehicles. We buy cars and trucks in any condition, and give you cash at pick-up!
We will buy as many junk cars/trucks as you can sell us! If you have more than one vehicle you want to sell, please complete our instant offer form for each of the vehicles or call us now and have one of our representatives handle everything!
You do not have to clean your vehicle, but we encourage you to clean our the inside (so you don’t lose anything valuable) and take of the plate(s) before the driver shows up to tow your vehicle. This ensures a speedy and secure pickup when the tower arrives.
Of course! We offer free towing/pickups! It does not matter if the car cannot move or start! We will come to you and make sure you get the most cash for your car!
You do not have to be there, but then you won’t be able to get cash in hand at the pickup! We can have the driver pick up your vehicle if the proper documentation in in the glove compartment, and you will receive payment in the mail or at the tower’s location at a later date. Make sure to let us know the details and call one of our specialists if you have any further questions!
It depends on our tower’s availability. We recommend you schedule with our dispatch (we will give you their contact info) for the first available day just in case, and they will work their best to pick up your vehicle at the earliest time possible. Our goal is to get you cash for your junk car(s) as fast as we can!
We do our best to keep your offer open for as long as we can. There is no time frame on the offer because the price of metal is constantly changing.The offer made on your vehicle can change at any given time. Once it is accepted, we will lock in your offer and the amount quoted remains 100% guaranteed.

In order for a driver to pick up a vehicle and receive cash, we would need the Engine/Transmission to be complete and for the vehicle to have at least three tires attached. If any other parts are missing, please let us know by giving us a call at (660) 209 – 0817, or by clicking here and getting your instant online offer. We will get you the highest cash offer possible, even with missing parts!

All fees due need to be paid in full in order to pick up your junk car at the impound and tow it away. If you have paid the impound fees and want us to tow it from there, we can but if you are not present we will have to set up a seperate time for you to pick up your cash from the tower.

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